Qalamzani, the Iranian ancient metalwork Art

Iranian handicrafts are one of the most distinguished arts in the world. Qalamzani is an Iranian ancient metalwork art. Its origin dates back to 5-7 thousand years ago; though its documented history goes to Sassanid era, about 700 A.D. In Achaemenid era, the golden age of metalworking, different methods of metalworking developed so greatly that influenced over next centuries and millenniums.

The intricate process of creating each and every piece requires extensive skill, talent, and patience extended by the artists. Numerous tools and materials, such as chisels, hand-made instruments, hammers, etc. are utilized by the artisans to emboss and engrave the most detailed and complex of designs on the various types of metals. Different scenes from nature, animal and human shapes, hunting grounds, flower and plant patterns, are some of the many aesthetic images hand-portrayed and carved on many kinds of Qalamzani pieces. Application of heat, Waxes, dyes, sanding and polishing materials are some of the other processes used in creating these masterpieces.

The enchanting Qalamzani handicrafts are made in the shape of decorative trays, plates, vases and pitchers to name a few. Many art pieces of Iran; shine like a sun in the museums all around the world. It is not the antiquity of such relics that attracts the world, but their preciosity is what associated with admiration.