What does IRNCY gallery offer?

Artwork and crafts in Iran are very diverse. Some of them are very popular among other countries for their elegance and beautiful designs, which are often exported to abroad.  The enthusiasm and talent of Iranian artists in some arts has been reflected in ways that make it difficult and perhaps impossible to compete.

Examples of these works can be found in IRNCY gallery, includes carpets with beautiful colours and designs, woven with stunning elegance and very high quality, 100% purity silver, carved with special finesse, a story of the most famous pieces of Persian literature by the most skilled engravers and also inlay objects (the art of covering surfaces in a mosaic-like manner, with small triangles of wood, metal, bone or shell).

Why are these items valuable?

These works represent thousands of years of history and heritage. A legacy that has always adorned the museums of the world. Undoubtedly, these pure works of art are eternal due to the artist’s diligence in creating colourful and intricate designs with thousands of stories.

In terms of the value of these works of art, it can be said that in many parts of the world, buying these products is an investment that will not only diminish over time but will add value.

Why Cyprus?

We have great confidence in Cyprus’ economic, its potential and its future. We believe in Cyprus as a privileged gateway between the East and Europe. We see a renewed vigor and enthusiasm in Cyprus, driven by robust economic growth, political stability, a resurgence in tourism, and a stable and growing financial sector. Our experience in Cyprus has been very positive. Our team benefit from the great climate. friendly people and the safety and security that Cyprus provides.

Cyprus has aggressively set itself up to be a strong, next-level destination. It is welcoming to international business, but the infrastructure needs to be developed more in non-capital areas.