About Us

About Us

For the Iranian people art has always been reflection of virtue, perfection, piety, knowledge, beliefs and emotions. The art of carpet weaving is probably one of the best mediums that best portrays and displays those notions and emotions.

The name of Iran has always been associated with pleasant scent art and artists. For centuries Iranian artists have mesmerized their audiences with works that either presented through mystical and romantic pieces of literature and poetry or in the form of intricate handicrafts that took every visitor with away.

What is known today as traditional Iranian art. IRNCY Art Gallery, provide you some exquisite traditional Persian handicraft. In a world of gadgets and gizmos that people are becoming less interested in roots and traditions, we want to tell the world what Iran all is really about.

Due to its unique location and friendly locals, Cyprus has welcomed a wide range of people from different nationalities and cultures where IRNCY galley can be a bridge between the fans of art whether from the Far East, the Middle East or Europe and to show some of Iran’s most unique artworks that have a worldwide reputation.


From an economical perspective, Cyprus is rapidly recovering as can be seen in the recent upgraded credit ratings and positive progress on various issues. We intend to establish a long-term presence in Cyprus with further investments in our existing portfolio as well as other locations on the island.


The collection of works presented in the gallery has been carefully selected from among the best works of Iranian artists. Our clients can rest assured that these works are of the highest quality and originality and that their beauty and value are not limited to time.

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­­­­The art domain is vast and extends to every aspect of life. We paint angles of life with colourful silk threads on soft and delicate carpets, tables and backgammons decorated with small pieces of shell, wood and metal, pure silver carved, based on the most beautiful stories of Persian literature. The team of IRNCY would love to share with you all these stories.